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Gold Earrings from Bubuchong Tomb. 5th-6th century Korea

Korean 6Th, Period Korean, Korean Art, Earrings 6Th, Earrings Korea, Gold Earrings, Earrings Three, Dong Gyeongju, Gyeongju Korea These thick gold earrings were found in Bubuchong (Tomb of Husband and Wife) in Bomun-dong, Gyeongju, Korea. They are among the most elaborate and magnificent gold earrings excavated from the Silla tombs, …

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St. Patricks Day Fundraiser for Injured Police Officers

Thanks to Otherwise for filing the store with all your fans and the IPOF for all the support that your fellow officers have been doing. What a great week so far. Nevada Coin Mart Inc is a proud community supporter. We are Costume Jewelry Experts, Sterling Silver Experts and Gold …

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Giving Back To The Community

As you may know, Nevada Coin Mart is a leader in giving you top dollar for your gold, silver, diamonds and other valuables. Their commitment to the community extends beyond their store. We talk with Neil Sackmary and learn how he’s teamed up with the Injured Police Officers Fund for …

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